Thursday, 7 January 2010


I love you.
Three small words that can make or break a person?
That can make you want to be with someone forever?
That can make you loose all you inhibitions?
That can make you gain someones company?
That can make you hate someone?

Can you really love someone so much that their actual physical being hurts so much it can destroy your life?
To be honest I don't think I can understand this feeling.
Call me cold, heartless and ruthless.
Or maybe I'm perhaps just inexperienced with this.
It's not that I don't love, I do very much so.
I even fall 'in love'

But be that as you may, I simply don't understand.

Friends? Lovers? Enemies?

Are there other things besides being in love? Career, knowledge, loyalty, passion, family, friends, success, charity?
Or has my personal need to be an alpha female just smoldered my views?

I don't understand.
But either way I can listen.
I can apologise
I can reassure.
I'm here.

Sorry, yet flattered.
I'm not a cold, ruthless, heartless person.
An unintentional accident.

I gained, yet at a loss.

Please don't break me.


  1. I never believed in love either.
    Not sure if I still do. But I do that something close to love does exist-and I think that's enough to make the world go round. :)

  2. It exists, and yup, it can completely destroy people. Sometimes its just a case of "man up". But its hard y'know :/
    The most encouraging advice I have is that Only The Right Ones Say Yes ^_^

  3. Hey everyone, thank-you for the comments!
    It's not that I don't believe in love, I'm pretty sure I am in love. I just don't understand the concept of someone's existence ruining your life, perhaps I need someone to break my heart to understand! xx

  4. haha this 365 failed failled! <3