Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Hey, this one is more of a 365 day!
Myself and one of my best friends Gemma decided to adventure out in the snow today. This adventure is possibly my first outing in the snow, as I have quite a hatred for it.
I must admit I had A LOT of fun :)
Other then the obvious factors; extreme coldness, slippery ground and bad choice of footwear there were a few other factors that completed our day.
These included:
  • A chav kid throwing a snow ball at my bag, breaking my flask (which was inside my wellie), which inevitably leaked inside of it (they were fur lined)
  • A very happy boy and friends approaching us on various occasions and saying "Hello my fellow Jedi Warriors"
Check out our video of the day!
Finally 365 photo's of the day! (Please click to enlarge as quality is poor otherwise)


  1. Oh My gosh! You guys are too cute! That is how one should spend a snow day =)

  2. What a wonderful time you must have had!
    I wish for snow. :(

  3. Thankyou guys!!
    Eeeek we had so much fun!!!
    It gets a pain though, everywhere is snowed in!!! xoxo