Saturday, 2 January 2010


It's a bit late.....
HELLO 2010....
So its a new decade, and to be precise the second new decade I've lived through.
Being a new year and everything I've decided to do something new, I've decided to start a 365.
Mainly due to the fact studying science at University is slowly killing my artistic soul...
Maybe this time I'll actually be successful and this whole "blog" malarkey, as I actually have to use it everyday.
So a little about me, I'm a 20 Year old forensics student. To sum me up:

* Fashion Fashion Fashion
* Science
* Art
* Photography
* Cleaning
* Music
* Sun
* Friends
* Conflicts
* Content fullness
* Pale skin
* Tanned Skin
* Colourful Hair
* Tea Shops
* Book Shops
* Cake Shops
* Bottled Water
* To Dance
* Colourful things
* Tack
* Fruit
* Vintage
* Loves to travel
* Has OCD, ADHD and SAD
* A loose canon
* A little insecure
* Either really angry or
* Really happy.

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